• "I have used this shampoo for six months. My hair and scalp feels soft and healthy."

    - J.S.

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  • "The shampoo leaves my hair very shiny, which I love. My hair felt clean and voluminous."

    - T.S.

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  • "My skin feels clean and fresh. Not allergic to it which is most important."

    - K.W.

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  • "After using this shampoo my dachshunds' fur is very soft. Usually she is very itchy and irritated after a bath but with this shampoo she did not seem irritated at all

    - S.E.

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FREE from irritants, allergens, sensitizers and toxins.

For clean, shiny, manageable hair, and relief from eczema scalp conditions and allergic dermatitis from shampoos and conditioners.

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Try our Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

Pet parents have come to recognize that our pet shampoo has been
shown to help dry itching skin experienced by many loved pets.

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Value Statement

Our products, developed through a process of “clean chemistry” were formulated and developed by Dr. Aloys Tauscheck, a board-certified dermatologist with over 40 years of experience caring for patients with all types of skin conditions.