Tau's Skin Care, LLC

Our shampoos, conditioning shampoos, and face and body washes contain 0% fragrance, parabens, betaines, sulfates, formaldehyde, and toxic ingredients. They are mild, gentle, non-irritating, safe products that are not only effective and pleasant to use but are proven by the lab and subject testing to NOT CAUSE CONTACT ALLERGIC DERMATITIS.

Dr. Tauschecks’ original goal was to develop a safe product line to help the itch and suffering experienced by patients known to be allergic to offending chemicals. Following that success, he has expanded his efforts to include providing products that “prevent sensitizing” customers, children, and their pets to these same agents.

A number of other innovative products are in research and development by our team at this time. We hope to bring those products to market soon.

Dr. Tau and his faithful companion Watson will continue to work together to provide further safe, hypoallergenic, and elegant products designed for the entire family.

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