Are your products natural?

No, our products are specially engineered free of natural and plant-derived ingredients that majorly cause allergic and irritant dermatitis.

How often should I shampoo?

Recent dermatologists’ studies have proven that daily washing is no serious harm. It is a personal preference, shampoo as often as you like.

Is there such a thing as using too much shampoo?

No, provided that you rinse it off thoroughly. However, our products lather luxuriously requiring no more than a dollop.  

How long before shampoo expires?

Tau’s shampoos can last two-three years but are best used within a year.

Why should I use Tau’s products?

Tau’s products are designed for people with sensitive skin and allergies, but people with all types of skin can benefit from their unique properties.

Are Tau’s products medicated?

No, but they can help with your scalp, hair, and skin issues since they do not contain common irritants and allergens.

Do your shampoos grow hair?

No, but Tau products promote a healthy scalp and skin witch essential to luxurious elegant hair.

What makes Taus Products special?

Our products are manufactured with clean chemistry and do not contain parabens, perfumes, irritants, or toxic ingredients. 

Why is Tau’s Pet Shampoo different from other pet shampoos?

Most dogs itch and scratch as a result of a substance on their skin called Interleukin 31. This results in cracked dry skin. Tau’s shampoo contains no harsh irritants and therefore allows pet skin to heal without further irritation, yet leaves pets smelling fresh and clean with luxuriant fur.

Are Tau’s Products tested on animals?

All of Tau’s products are cruelty-free. No animals were harmed in the design and manufacturing of our products.

What if children or pets accidentally ingest Tau’s Products?

Our clean chemistry-engineered ingredients are non-toxic. However if accidentally swallowed, drink copious amounts of water. Do not need to induce vomiting. 

Still Have Questions?

Get in touch with us if you have further questions about our products.